Our Pre-retirement Financial Awareness Events are group sessions and free to attend.

A 1to1 service is also available.

A fee of £149.00 + VAT is payable for this service.

A 1to1 provides you with an opportunity to assess your Superannuation entitlement so that you can make informed decision on this aspect of your retirement income.

During an assessment interview we will:-

  • Ascertain your needs and preferences.
  • Check your understanding of facts & figures.
  • Provide you with clear and concise information


  • Complete NHS & State pension questionnaire.
  • Establish Special Classes & MHO  entitlement.
  • Complete a budget plan (income & lump sum).
  • Utilise features on SPPA “MyPension”
  • Calculate Gross NHS pension entitlement (Pre & Post Commutation).
  • Calculate Net NHS pension entitlement.
  • Calculate state pension age and income entitlement.
  • Provide a written report .
  • Complete your SPPA retirement application.
  • Recommend further steps.

Before you complete your pension application make sure you have the knowledge you require to make the right decisions about your NHS pension benefits.

If you would like to arrange a 1to1 contact us